Special services

Additional services we make only on the details produced by our company.

Special coatings

To meet the expectations of our clients we cooperate with external companies to complement our offer with special coatings such as
– anodizing, hard anodizing
– tinning, galvanizing, nickel plating, chromating
– hardening, nitriding, blackening
– PTFE teflon coat
– painting, powder painting

Laser marking

We have a fiber laser with a working field of 120x120mm, thanks to which we can precisely mark and engrave all kinds of materials from metals and aluminum through plastics.


At customer’s request, we assemble, turn, press, assemble and secure details according to the design drawings.
Assembly is carried out with details produced by our company as part of comprehensive order service, as well as we assemble products from additional elements delivered directly by the customer.

We have Atom presses, screwdrivers, drills, thread cutters.

Installation of PEM inserts

We offer our clients assembling of PEM inserts, threaded inserts, nuts, sleeves, screws and threaded pins can be installed on the press.

Tumble finishing – Trowalization – Vibrating parts

Tumble finishing is one of the types of finishing technology used for grinding, polishing surfaces and deburring sharp edges of details.

We have 4 tumbler drums with a largest capacity of 200 liters.