We have Integrated Management System consistent with the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.

To improve the quality of the produced details, we have built the measurement laboratory equipped with the high-tech measurement instruments. While designing the laboratory we have focused on the highest quality and therefore the laboratory equipment comes from the renown companies such as TESA, MITUTOYO, ABERLINK.

Our equipment and instruments include among the others: coordinate measuring machine AXIOM CNC produced by ABERLINK, roughness measuring machine produced by Tesa, slide callipers, micrometers, depth gauges, inside micrometer gauges, length sensors, measuring columns, gauge blocks class 0 and many others.

Our personnel’s experience together with the highest quality of our instruments is able to guarantee the measurement and analysis of all dimensions in consistence with the technical documentation, which enables us to eliminate sending inconsistent details to the customer.

We provide our Clients:

»Documented measuring protocols from the CPK
»Comprehensive overview of the project

Additionally, at the request of the Customer, we prepare professional measurement reports containing statistical analysis of conformity.
We use tools such as SPC VDA MSA to evaluate process stability.