We have the pleasure to present you the offer of asbestos-free sealants which because of their assembly simplicity, durability, reliable quality and versatility find the application in many industry fields.

The plaited sealants may be successfully used in the dynamic applications as sealing of pump glands, fixtures, mixers or mills, as well as statistic – taking part in the sealing process of manholes, vessels of chemicals, hatches and many others.

In our offer you will find:

  • graphite sealants;
  • carbon sealants;
  • teflon sealants ;
  • synthetic sealants;
  • natural sealants.

The proper selection of the sealing material while keeping the rules for proper assembly and exploitation is the guarantee of prolonging the life of the sealing device and its durability.

We invite you for getting familiar with our offer.

Our consultants are waiting for your questions and will help with the selection of proper sealants.